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Now there's an easy-to-use, online solution for converting your strings to multi-character sets. With our I18n Online Toolset, you can automatically convert strings to other compatible character sets. And for visual effects, we've integrated SoftGlobalization FontRender with this Test Drive so you can view your text as a graphic image. It's easy and convenient. Click here to try our I18n Online Toolset and sample technology developed by Skandis Systems.

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is our exclusive set of web-centric tools and services designed to facilitate the localization and internationalization (L10N and I18N) process for clients' multi-lingual web sites, web and mobile applications. We offer a full range of services for web and mobile solutions, including web-enabling legacy software, engineering, quality assurance and verification, with support for Asian and European languages.

is our exclusive set of tools and services specifically designed to facilitate the localization and internationalization (L10N and I18N) process of clients' existing software. We provide solutions for i18n issues such as, locale initialization, character set support and enablement (UNICODE, Multi-Byte, Bi-Directional, and European 8859 charsets), cultural data formatting, IME methodologies, linguistic sorting and string externalization.

Engineering services
includes support for C/C++/C#, Java, Javascript, .NET, RDBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLServer), CGI/Perl/Python/Ruby programming, HTML5, CSS3, multi-lingual web server implementation and QA on Windows/Linux/Mobile platforms.
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